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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

In a world of demands, stressors, and the constant pursuit of balance, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching is your compass to achieving your true health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching can guide you through the overwhelming amount of information and mis-information out there, with tailored solutions that address the root causes of your own personal challenges, helping you to understand the tools available to you.

Behaviour change therapy & motivational psychology, can empower you to engage your plan, overcome obstacles, whilst fostering sustainable habits that elevate your physical, mental, and emotional vitality. 

Welcome to a world where health & wellness isn't just a goal – it's a way of life!


  1. Functional Movement & Fitness

  2. Posture & Alignment

  3. Nutrition & Gut health

  4. Stress & Anxiety

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Lifestyle coaching design process
Health & wellness tests & evaluations
Explore your options & potentials
Design a personalised & balanced lifestyle
Nutrition planning
Monitoring success and results

Advanced Personalized Tests (optional)

DNA testing
Microbiome analysis
Hormone screening
Bio-impedence/body composition analysis 
Postural analysis
Biological age testing

Your Coach
Over 35 years experience helping people in all walks of life, including professional athletes, competitive bodybuilders, martial artists & boxers, military & Police, injuries & rehab, post operation recovery, elderly, corporate groups, business leaders, diplomats and celebrities.
Helping over 6,000 individuals
in 35 years.

: Exercise Science & Lifestyle Medicine
BSc (Hons): Nutrition & Biochemistry
Diploma: Advance & Performance Nutrition
Diploma Sports Psychology 
Diploma Child Psychology
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Neurolinguistic Programming
Brief Motivational Interviewing

What our clients say...

"You hear so much about changing your lifestyle, but in reality we just tinker and hope we improve. Lifestyle wellness coaching gave me so much knowledge on how to engage and make it all happen. It really made all the difference." 


"I was at that point where I thought I'd tried everything. Now I live the healthy life I always aspired to. Lifestyle wellness coaching gave me a structure, meaning and the results I wanted."


"I have a pretty good knowledge on what I should be doing, but felt impossible to fit it in to my schedule. Having a new awareness of how my biochemistry works and some hacks to manage everything transformed my health. Everything is under control and I feel sharp,"


"Having a professional manage my nutritional needs and health biomarkers allows me the time to focus on other tasks, and not worry that my health is suffering in the long run."


"I realised all my goals were the expectations of others. Exploring my own emotional needs and reshaping the goals helped me realize I was already so close. I ditched the stresses of worrying about the future and enjoy being healthy right now"


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