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You can start from an absolute beginner training in Malta. You'll learn about your stance, balance, posture, and basic movements. These are the foundations for your defense and your weapons (fists, elbows, knees, kicks).

Your skills, fitness and flexibility will progress every week, whilst still allowing you the time to enjoy the process. It's fun! 

You will learn each technique and combination in the Thai language and develop a deeper understanding of the history and spirituality of Muay Boran.

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Muay Boran is the ancient fighting system that real warriors used in battle.

Muay Boran (ancient boxing) is also at the origins of the modern fight-sport, and what most recognize as Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

Muay Boran is the art of learning the carefully designed techniques and training the body to perform them. It's the fine details within the biomechanics of each move or combination to make it a highly effective system. 

Courses Options

Session Time: 60mins or 90mins 

Sessions per week: 1x  2x  3x  4x

Duration: 1month  3months  6months

*Price varies with course options selected

All courses include initial consultation, program design for training alone (homework), MuayThai wraps, and full gym membership at PROFILE HEALTH & FITNESS Club

Training Benefits

Learn new skills for self-defence

se fitness & strength

Increase flexibility

Improve cardiovascular health

Builds muscle and burns fat

Stress-relief & mindfulness

An inspiration for a new lifestyle

Options to get certified* 

*Certification is done in Bangkok, HQ of KMA
(Kru Muay Thai Association)


With over 30 years' experience in martial arts, including judo, a black belt in kickboxing, Paul is a certified Muay Thai Coach and Khan11 Muay Thai Boran coach, certified by the World KRU (Master) Muay Thai Association and the Thailand Ministry of Education. 

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Muay Boran is taught following the high standards set by the KRU MUAY THAI ASSOCIATION.

Following preparation training in Malta, the gradings courses and certifications are held at Luktupfah Muay Thai where we also operate our
retreat programs.

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