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JULY 2023



Changing Rooms & Clinic Upgrades


We are in the process of installing new AC systems in the changing rooms and clinic.

We are also using this time to make other improvements in the clinic & indoor pool area.

During this time, the indoor pool, changing rooms & clinic will not be in use.

We anticipate this lasting no longer than 28th July but will keep you updated if this changes.

We apologize for any inconvenience and Thank You for your patience.

Physiotherapy & Treatments

We have temporarily shifted the clinic treatments to The Lord Derby Suite on level 1 of the Victoria Hotel.

The elevator for the Victoria Hotel is behind the gym along the corridor past the lockers.

Go to floor 1 and you'll find The Lord Derby Suite along the corridor.

Weekend Training Camps

(coming soon) 

We will be holding morning and weekend training camps in the coming weeks.

In a green area with lots of trees on private land, our training will have a combination of Muay Boran martial arts for beginners, stretching/Yoga, trekking and meditations, followed by breakfast or lunch at the organic farm cafe onsite.

The idea of our camps is for some peace and quiet in nature, gentle training with no rush and healthy food & drinks.

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