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We'll Make YOUR Transformation a Success!

These are our actual clients, and over the past 15 years, we've completed 100's of these success stories, and yours could be next!

The reasons you may be struggling to find a solution for your weight loss, motivation levels, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle may not be entirely your fault.

There are thousands of training systems, diets, slimming potions and miracle plans all promising to be the secret that latest research has discovered. The fact is, none of the above will work if you are missing vital components to your plan.

Over the past 20 years or more, the key points to a great body have never really changed.

The problem is not finding the right exercise system, the right diet, nor the ‘latest miracle formula to sweep the nation’ (for which they’re normally trying to sell you something), the fundamental problem is in the framework of your plan, and the knowledge to manage factors that may otherwise be beyond your control if you don’t know how to deal with them, such as hormone responses to dieting and training, motivation, appetite, and avoiding the pitfalls of commercial marketing that sets out (intentionally or unintentionally) to sabotage your success.

For almost a century, the subject of weight-loss and fitness have been written about in every part of the world. Since the launch of the internet some 20 years ago, weight-loss and slimming have been the most prominent search topics, and together with magazines, books, blogs and tweets, an estimated 6Billion words every day are written by ‘experts’ on the secrets to successful weight-loss …..and still people are confused!?

The answer is to discover ‘your’ own goals and objectives, ‘your’ lifestyle and more importantly, how ‘you’ tick. This discovery will create a personalized pathway to complete your journey to success, and without this roadmap, like 92% of all New Year ‘Resolutioners’, you’ll get lost, and spend years or perhaps the rest of your life going over the same ground. Being coached through this process comes hand in hand with receiving all the factual, evidence based information on factors that may enhance or inhibit your progress, information that you will hold for the rest of your healthier life.

As part of YOUR Transformation programmes at Profile Health & Fitness, a confidential Discovery Consultation is included, with a leading health & wellness consultant from London with over 20 years experience in transforming people’s bodies, health and lifestyles.

YOUR Transformation package details and prices

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