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What is Biological Age Testing?

Biological Age Tests estimate the age of your body as opposed to your chronological age (what’s written on your birth certificate). There are things we do in life that advance the aging process, which can be anything from drinking alcohol, smoking, eating junk foods, excessive sun exposure, stress, being inactive or leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The test itself comes in a few forms, with the less accurate versions being the online based questionnaires. The opposite end, and the most accurate are the tests that not only involve the questionnaire being conducted by a qualified and registered biological age practitioner, but it involves using medical grade equipment designed specifically for a process called ASA (arterial stiffness analysis).

To the patient, it looks very similar to having your blood pressure taken, with a comfortable, inflatable arm-cuff. The difference being the devices within the cuff that monitors blood flow through the arteries by measuring a pulse wave which is produced when the heart pumps out blood, in a similar way to a whipping hosepipe as water is blasted through.

These pulse waves are analysed through our medical software which combine the data the consultant inputs from a lifestyle analysis, taking into account hydration levels, body mass indexes, smoking and drinking habits, family history of heart disease, current stress levels and activity to mention just a few. When everything is compiled, the software delivers your result with your biological age, along with a detailed 8 page report on the findings.

What happens next is the most crucial part. The practitioner will translate the report to you providing you with explanations and solutions of age reversal.

“In over 4,000 test we have conducted in the past 8 years, we usually find that individuals are 1-2 years in advance of their birth age, but in some cases we have found this to be 10-15 years. This means a 40 year old person can have a biological age of 55 or more, and that’s a worry considering the amount of deaths occurring from 60 onwards.”

The great news is that most advanced or early aging signs are totally reversible which can not only benefit your longevity and health, but will also be noticed by everyone around you. There are no additional products or supplements to buy. Your only investment is in the test and solutions consultation itself.

We have conducted Biological Age Testing for some of the largest companies in Europe, including Grant Thornton, Great Ormond Street Hospital, ITN Productions, Channel 4 News, Call Credit Group and many more.

To Book a Biological Age Test, email: or cal 77788846

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