Want Super-Fast Results?

With almost 25 years of working in the health & fitness business, I still see people all fired-up in the New Year vowing to ‘smash it’ this time round. They’re in the gym every day, pounding away on the cardio-machines, and forcing themselves through gruelling warm-ups! …STOP!

You won’t get there any faster. A years’ worth of indulgence is not going to be forced off the body in a matter of weeks, so slow down and set yourself a realistic pace, and one that you will actually enjoy.

Fitness is progressive. Your body will respond positively to anything more challenging than it is accustomed to, so if that is very little, then you don’t have to do that much to trigger a response. The most important factors to succeeding at reaching your goals are ‘structure’ and ‘adherence’. That means, having a well-structured program designed specifically for your body and goals, and then sticking to it longer term. Lipolysis (fat burning) happens at a specific rate, and you can’t trick nature. Weight-loss and muscle strengthening also progress at a nominal rate, so there is no use in trying to cheat nature to find a short cut.

If you want to get a nice sun tan, would you go out on the first day of summer and lay yourself out to grill for 8 hours? What would the result be? Burnt, at the very least.

So, if you’re planning on starting a program to get in shape, take it easy to start. Allow the body time to recover between exercise sessions and eat healthy. You will feel your body getting fitter day by day without soreness, aches, pains and injury. You will also avoid the stress of expectancy after investing so much sweat and pain but not getting the results you crave.

At Profile, we will help you with a structured program, a healthy eating plan and the ongoing support to keep you motivated to stick with it longer term to achieve your goals.