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Shape up for Summer

Many will leave their summer body plans until the last minute... But just how long can you leave it?

Well, here’s a few facts on body changes.:

DIETING will temporarily get rid of some bloating, water and intestinal contents, and although your weight on the scales may drop down, the probability of losing body-fat is close to zero, and any weight you do lose will return as quickly as one evening out! – so this is NOT the way to a summer body, especially as no-one will really notice any changes.

Your body-shape takes time to change. Hypertrophy (muscle toning/strengthening) takes around 4-6 weeks if progressive and if your eating is correct. Lipolysis (the breaking down of body fat) although it starts working as soon as you start burning it (exercise) will take a minimum of 6 weeks to show. We normally say 6-8 weeks before other people notice a difference, and 10 weeks+ before YOU notice the difference, and because this is all about YOUR confidence and how YOU feel, it’s best to allow this time-frame, at very least.

TRAINING only works with the correct nutrition plan to ensure the workouts are burning fat and not eating away at your muscle. You don’t want to feel lifeless and saggy. The right type of training is crucial, and this depends on you as an individual, so it’s best to have a professional map this out for you.

We have now launched our new summer body plan for 2018, which will decrease your body-fat, improve muscle tone and reduce overall size, as well as increase your flexibility and daily energy levels. You'll look and feel great this summer!

Stage 1: Reduce bloating and size

Stage 2: Get Fitter & Stronger

Stage 3: Get lean and defined

Don’t leave it any longer... for as far as your body-shape change is concerned, Summer is practically here!

Our new program includes, full membership, health screen, dietary analysis and planning, exercise design and scheduling, 1:1 personal training and constant tracking to hit your goals!

Prices start from just €250

Email: or call/whatsapp now on: 77788846

or just click here to leave your details and we'll get back to you pronto! There's no time to waste! :)

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