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The Quest for Clarity

The task to remove the negative aspects of your behaviour or lifestyle inadvertently focuses the subconscious towards achieving exactly these ‘targets’. With its’ lack of decisional power, and not accepting (or recognising) negative commands, the reticular activating system absorbs sensory inputs ‘as they are’ and feeds the subconscious like a mother bird forcing worms down the throat of her baby chick! “THAT’S what you need to survive… take it!”

More so, when your prefrontal cortex (or conscious ‘thinking’ mind) is otherwise occupied with procrastination, debating, reminiscing in the past or worrying about the future, the motivational energy or ‘battery life’ will soon diminish and the program that has been culturally ingrained will take the controls to autopilot and will guide you to all those places you don’t want to go.

Harsh, maybe, but that’s what the programme is designed to do, inputs by your upbringing and cultural influences, that has created a hard-wired Belief System (BS) and that’s exactly what it is in terms of reality… BS!

The good news is that you can change it. Unlike the sunflower seed, that when handed over to nature for a photosynthetic process where the soil, water and sun will deliver nothing but a sunflower, you can actually change the programme that when left to nature you will develop into whatever you desire (within reason, you know what I mean) /:-)

Do not take up your sword against the negatives or the temptations that lead you into the darkness of the cake room, this only further programmes your subconscious like setting the sat-nav in your car; as soon as you set off on your journey each day you’ll reach that destination. Instead, do not worry or fret about the negatives. Do not be concerned with what may or may not happen, and do not carry the emotional baggage or burdens that may have influenced you in the past.

Set your destination as if you were free and enjoy every moment for what it is. Know or trust that you will reach your destination and enjoy your journey to get there, success is a process. To set your internal sat-nav you’ll have to press a few buttons internally, and you can do this by visualizing what you want to achieve, but with conviction and feeling. If you don’t believe it, keep repeating it until you do.

Before you do this, you must first shut down the chattering, jabbering destructive conscious mind which is constantly asking questions and raising debate, getting in the way of where YOU want to go. Your daily goals to start this process of change is mental clarity. You’ve heard a thousand times about eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, exercising etc, but these are all vital components to achieving clarity. What I mean by clarity is seeing everything for how it is, in its full glory, and not clouded or cloaked by emotions, stress, tiredness and doubt; all the ingredients that lead you to making bad decisions every moment of the day, which become your actions, which become your behaviour, which becomes the YOU that everyone gets to know.

Choose foods that have powerful nutritional benefits, focus on micronutrients and minerals rather than calories, drink at least a litre or so of water every day, exercise daily, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, and meditate every day – even just for 10 minutes in the morning will do. Notice I didn’t say what NOT to do… because if you just do the above, you’re focused on this destination and you’ll start to see the rewards in clarity. Less stress, less impulsive behaviours, less procrastination, more energy, more positive thoughts, a peace of mind and…. Happiness :)

In the quest for clarity, the struggles that you chose to carry with you will simply disappear.

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