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How to Avoid Gaining Weight Over Christmas

The thought of packing on the pounds over the upcoming holiday period crosses the minds of many.

Many years ago, I questioned if weight gain was inevitable, and also, would it be possible to party, eat guilt-free and enjoy all the spoils of Christmas without putting on an ounce of weight. Possible?

Well, we developed a system that does exactly this, and since then, all of our clients enjoy the festive delights with no concern of any weight gain. Yes, these are the same people that used to gain weight every December. So how is this possible?

Knowing what you’re going to eat is often a struggle for people who generally eat on impulse, especially when the intake of calories will endure a tidal wave increase over the course of a few weeks. You may even have your diet carefully balanced, but add a few nibbles, an extra beverage here and there, and that’s enough to tip the scales.

Having your nutrition and activity all carefully mapped out, so you build in the ‘feast’ days without upsetting the balance is crucial. This doesn’t mean starving yourself on other days. This will only crash the metabolism and actually make things worse. Your nutrition should be carefully ramped, with cyclic methods for macronutrient intake. Your health is also of prime importance, so micronutrients (vitamins and trace minerals) also need to be factored in.

Your activity levels will determine how fast your metabolic rate will consume your energy intake (food and drink). A few extra dances around the office won’t cut it, I’m afraid. In parallel to keeping your nutrition healthy and balanced, your body should be kept in condition to help with the processing of calories, especially as most will be empty nutrient calories that we simply don’t want or need.

This should also be managed by a professional, as exercising or intense forms of activity after poor lifestyle choices can be counterproductive and dangerous. A dehydrated body cannot perform correctly and can even result in injury.

You may also find that your time is now taken by even more events and functions as your social calendar goes through the roof. This means your activity schedule needs to be strategically planned, but also be flexible to suit your diary.

The final point is mindfulness. Do you ‘really’ need a handful of nuts when you walk in the room? Do you ‘really’ have to take every chocolate that’s offered to you ‘every’ time?

Do you ‘really’ need to get wasted when you’re out social drinking?

Is it possible to really have fun and enjoy yourself without going completely over the top?

Of course it is – and you don’t want to feel restricted or deprived, but you know yourself that sometimes you wish you hadn’t gone that extra step, right?

So putting the planning, the cyclic, balanced nutrition, the activity schedule and the relative abstinence into a few weeks, WILL make all the difference.

Do you want all this managed for you?

We offer 2 packages to see you through from 1st December – 31st December. Working with one of our very experienced wellness coaches, you will have everything mapped out for you. It also includes personal training AND membership (during the 4 week programme) at our lovely health club at The Palace in Sliema.

Our programme is designed to increase your metabolism, improve your muscle tone and posture, keep you eating healthy with planned nutrition, exercise schedules with your own personal trainer and wellness coach, and most of all – not gaining weight or becoming un-healthy over the coming weeks, but still getting out there and enjoying all the fun. It’s Christmas for goodness sake!

We have limited availability. These courses start from just €175!

Call us today on 77788846 or email for more details

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