'Before & After' Transformations.. Are They REAL?

People are either motivated or completely put-off making any kind of effort just from reading other people’s successful transformation stories.

The photos seem unrealistic, not necessarily for the person ‘in’ the picture, but for the reader, trying to imagine that this could actually happen to their body – especially when they’re not feeling particularly great about themselves at the time.

In this day and age of internet scams, it’s also a big question as to whether these pictures are photo-shopped, or the dates have been adjusted for marketing purposes. I mean, some of them look extra-ordinary for just 3-4 months when you’ve been trying for years right?

Well, I’ve personally been transforming people’s bodies and lifestyles for almost 30 years and there’s some good news and bad news.

First the bad news. There are without a doubt, many photo-shopped images on the web. There’s also lighting, tanning and postural manipulation to make the ‘after’ image look even better. There are also many exaggerated claims in terms of data, just to make them seem even more impressive. But that’s about it.

The good news is that it ‘is’ actually possible to totally transform your physique – at any age! And yes, the images we use are actually our own clients at Profile Health & Fitness.

Your body will be shaped by what your lifestyle dictates. Every cell in your body renews itself every 7-10 months, so in a year from now you will be a completely different set of biological cells that make up your overall body.

Now, there is a little variation on genetics, exercise history, body-type, metabolic rate, injuries etc etc, but generally you can totally reshape your body in a matter of months!

What does make it difficult for some is the overall ‘after’ photo seems too far off, and thus your motivational strength in your mind just drops the idea, like dropping a heavy weight that you haven’t trained yourself to lift.

And there’s the first clue. We actually prepare you mentally for the journey. Step-by-step, like climbing a mountain.

I know the summit looks way up there in the clouds, and almost seems impossible for you personally, but if we get every step of the process correct, there is no other destination to reach, apart from that summit.

A little bit more of bad news…. It’s hard work going up against old habits. It takes a bit of determination. More bad news… the only way the body will break down stored bodyfat is in the instance when there is not enough energy coming in to feed your energy requirements, and this means that your body will tell you to eat so that it doesn’t have to break down fat tissue. That signal sounds like “OMG! I’m so F***** Hungry!!”

It’s a trick – don’t listen.

Dieting will not get you there either. Nor will slimming shakes or diet foods. You will lose water, muscle, energy and motivation. You need to eat, you need to sleep more and you need to train 'smart'. No relentless, boring exercises, no jogging or slogging it out for hours on cardio machines at the gym. They don't work!!

You CAN shape your body and be bursting with energy and confidence everyday of your life. Of course you don’t feel like that when deciding to do it, and it’s hard to even imagine, but I have seen thousands of people achieve this. All you have to do is make the decision to start, and our old friend ‘time’ will take care of the rest. It may just change the rest of your life!

Email us for prices. As we have a very private, members-only studio, we can only take a handful of people.