“Lose Belly Fat Fast” SCAMS

At this time of year, internet entrepreneurs cash-in on social media marketing, tapping into some basic human psychological traits that link rewards and quick fixes.

The adverts, videos, websites, apps, ebooks, etc, all make many promises.

“Lose weight or belly fat FAST” (by doing very little or nothing). Preferably when you sleep. And will almost likely involve something called an industry secret, or something that only that celebrities know but don’t want to tell you. What a load of B******s!!

Remember that email from the daughter of the King of some anonymous African nation who needs your bank account to transfer $millions to you, and they’ll give you a cut for storing it for them? Come one! It’s the same type of con-artists designing weight-loss websites and videos, sometimes placing fake images of Doctors and clients to back up their product. And by the way, these people spend all their day creating review websites and placing fake 5 star reviews.

You’ll also find bona-fide trainers making a side-line income, or slimming champions who want to share their weight-loss story with you.

Guaranteed, there'll be a few points that you can relate to, but ‘their’ systems do not necessarily mean they will work for you.

Why not?

Well let’s not take their success away. They have done extremely well, and deserve all the credit that’s for sure. But it’s not ‘the system’ that gets results, it’s the determination and discipline they found to ‘stick’ to the system. They found a purpose.

Let me cut to the chase. There are no secret potions, magic pills, replacement shakes, secret training systems, mysterious hormones or latest breakthroughs in melting body-fat.

The body will break down body-fat at a nominal rate, due to an increased work-load against a deficit of energy intake. Of course, you can lose stacks of weight in a week – but it won’t be fat, and it won’t take any of those bulges away.

The scales may show a decrease in numbers, but the mirror doesn’t lie.

“There is no replacement for hard work”.

People get excited if they think they can skip the hard work and just get the reward.

That’s where these marketing gurus come in with their emotional prods to get you to relate to the suffering of endless trials & failure, then dangle the reward in front of you.

Don’t fall for it.

Eat healthy, get active and stay positive – ‘time’ will take care of the rest.

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