PT or Not PT? That is the Question

In the words of Shakespeare;

“Our bodies are our gardens, our wills are our gardeners”.

That’s all fine as long as the power you hold to direct your ‘will’ remains at the forefront of your daily actions. Actions in some respects are the result of the thought-motivation process, but in most cases motivation is ‘inspired’ as a result of your actions.

So where do you get the power to act upon a thought where 'will' lacks?

A coach that understands this process.

A coach builds structure to achieving your goals, a solid plan that ensures you are achieving small steps at a time towards your goal, but always moving forwards.

The data that records your progress provides further fuel to power your will, and the reward from each achievement builds a neurological network in your brain to repeat this process. This action-achieve-reward-repeat process ‘becomes’ a succession. Success!

A coach also acts as an obstacle against lapse or stagnancy. Your coach is there to pick you up and keep you moving along. Something as seemingly insignificant as having an appointment set up to train with your coach can be the difference to falling off the ‘success train’ and never getting back on.

As coaches (or PTs), we often witness those who say they are happy to go it alone. “I just want to get into it first before I’m fit enough to have a PT” Then we painfully watch them wasting time on mythical training trends and diets, and it comes as no surprise that after a few weeks they’ll cease to be around at the gym anymore.

Your time is precious, and you cannot waste time guessing which mode of exercise is right for you, and even within the session itself, your training can be so effective in technique, your objectives for that session can be achieved in half the time! If only you knew how.

The relationship with your coach is built upon teamwork to realize your goals. The right technique, programme structure, pre-set appointments and the motivational support will give you all the power your will needs to drive your actions to success.

Then you can enjoy your garden.