How Fast Can I Lose Bloating?

Bloating and belly fat are not the same. We can quickly assess the difference by the time it has taken for clothes to feel tighter, and usually paired with feeling uncomfortable.

Belly fat is more wide spread, has taken a long time to accumulate and is often the jiggly, spongy tissue, where as bloating feels tighter almost balloon-like.

What Causes Bloating?

There are a list of complicated issues, but as we're at the back end of a festive season, let's get to the point of the 5 most likely:

  1. Swallowing Air

  2. Carbonated Drinks

  3. De-hydration

  4. Over-eating

  5. Alcohol

When you drink or eat, you naturally swallow some air. Usually when we drink water, juice or coffee, it may be a few drinks spread across the day, but when we drink alcohol it's more likely that we have many drinks an hour for a few hours.

Add to this the bubbles in drinks and it doubles the gases building up in the abdomen.

Alcohol causes inflammation and irritation, leading to internal swelling. Once you have this internal inflammation even 1 glass of alcohol or acidic food will cause you to feel it. As alcohol also relaxes the esophagus and sphincter muscles, you will also feel the acid environment leaking, usually upwards into the chest as we most commonly refer to as heart burn.

Alcohol also dehydrates the body, which will force the body to retain water as an emergency, again in the mid-section area.

This highly acidic, gas filled, uncomfortable bloat will not go away either - until you address the issues.

The Way Out

It can take just a few days to a week to reduce bloating but more than a month to reset the gut micro-biome (healthy internal environment). This will ensure you keep the bloating away, longer term.

"There is no need to detox or diet"

'Detox' is a useless buzz-word for commercial businesses to make money from you. The liver does this naturally, don't be fooled.

Diet's are usually unhealthy, quick-fix, water-loss fads that look great on the scales for the first few weeks.

What you need to do for optimal health, is simply cut out the alcohol and junk foods, return to a whole-food balanced nutrition plan, drink plenty of water and become more active.

I know! It's so simple it almost seems improbable that it will work, and this is why there is so much conflicting information available to cause confusion and get you to spend more money, when in fact you really just need to stop what caused the bloating to appear in the first place, and following the seasonal festivities it's really not hard to work that one out :)

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