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Make Your 2021 Fitness Plan a Success

Every year 'New Years' Resolutions' have weight-loss and fitness at the top of the list, and statistics show that by March, 90% have already fallen off.

The internet is awash with before and after transformations; millions of people flashing their new bodies to show their dramatic their fitness journey, but what you have to account for is a number 100x more with the people that 'don't' post their results due to multiple failed attempts. The people that DO find the motivation to keep going through the 6 month program post their results, the majority that fall off or even have mediocre results won't post at all.

So what's the magic? How come some people get amazing results but most recede from their attempts?

It's not the system!

The first nugget of information the onlooker seeks when dousing over the image of someone's new super-fit body is "How did you do it?" 'What 'system did you use?'

The truth is all successful systems are more or less the same, and the system that people use to get that body-beautiful is probably the same system that you already tried many times before.

Can it really be as simple as healthy eating, reduced calorie intake and consistent exercise over a given timeframe?

Yes, that's all it is. If it sounds too simple to be true, this can be another factor why you have no faith in that system. If you believe that it's too easy you will have no belief that it will work and would opt for a system that would have you beat yourself up in the gym and starve yourself because you need to be punished right? ...wrong. It doesn't work like that.

There are 4 main steps to a successful health & fitness plan, whether that be weight-loss, body-transformations, fitness goals or a permanent lifestyle change and each step like climbing a ladder have to be in place.

  1. Approach

  2. Design & Strategy

  3. Training & Nutrition

  4. Maintain & Monitor Results

How many people jump right into to number 3?

Well, if you do that it could be only your temporary willpower that keeps you going until you say to yourself, 'what the hell am I doing here?'

Using willpower alone is futile, as willpower mainly abstains from something you normally do. Eventually you'll inevitably return to the old ways, and back to square one.

The Approach is absolutely everything in this quadripartite solution. Why are you doing it? What is your purpose? What are your goals? How will you achieve them? What does life look like when you have the results/ What will you do with it?

There are so many deeper questions to ask because it's during the emotional times that people quit. You need to be emotionally well equipped to deal with these changes.

The Design & Strategy is having a healthy eating plan, a progressive and bespoke training plan to suit YOUR body and not some fitness model influencer you found online. The routine is a lifestyle adaptation to suit your hours, your ways of living and YOUR fitness levels for you age, gender, biomechanics and even HOW you enjoy activity.

There are so many variants, there are too many to list, and this is why you have to have your OWN design & strategy, to make it work. This nicely links into the final stages to get going, the Training & Nutrition which needs to ensure you have the right fuel for your health, AND to get you through the increased exercise frequency. Scientifically, we have to create a deficit of energy going in, but we still need to fuel the machine, otherwise the body will simply refuse to give up fat, or give you the energy to get you out training, and in that scenario, the Sabotage Demon will appear and off you fall.

Changes in the body's biochemistry and physical structures are subtle, and take time. It will always feel that the investment you put into the training and dieting NEVER match what you expect in return, and this is why it's imperative to have charted expectations and goals. When you achieve daily, weekly and most importantly 'consistently', it will give the motivational energy to go again the next day. Remember, the most successful program is only 24 hours long. You just have to keep repeating it.

Maintaining & Monitoring you results will provide that extra engine to keep you driving forwards.

This 4-part solution is vital.

At Profile Health & Fitness Club we have the experts that can help you with these.

When you become a member at Profile, this 4-part process is included in your initial consultations so that we can make it a success for you in 2021.

What to do now...

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